Volunteer at SkiFever 

  • Setup the ski swap.  We need to put the racks up and then spread the merchandise on the racks in orderly fashion.
  • Ski Swap public merchandise check in.  We need volunteers to help with check in and tagging  the merchandise on check in day. That merchandise after being checked in and tagged needs to be  spread on the merchandise racks in orderly fashion.
  • Working the Swap. We also need help with the swap itself which can be a paid position.  Get in touch with SkiFever early during September or October at (503) 249 - 7733 to be trained to work the swap. Use the form below to sign to sign up as a swap volunteer and tell us that you would like to work the swap during the show in the additional questions area.
  • Ski Ramp.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we need help setting up the stage, ski ramp and rail.  It takes some work to move the pieces around and  then the rest is decoration which is pretty light work.
  • General setup. Come and be ready to do whatever we need help with on the day or days that your available. There are a lot of banners to be hung and decorations that we need help with to make the show look cool.

All Volunteers check in with the show office for assignment

Sign Up:

What you will recieve in reuturn for your volunteer service!

  • PART TIME SHIFT Part time shift workers will receive a T-Shirt, six free tickets and one bracelet to the show.
  • FULL SHIFT  For starters you will receive a $70 Nordica backpack for a full shift for time.  The backpack will come with six free SkiFever  show tickets and one three day bracelet for yourself to enjoy the show.

We do receive a lot of swag items and we'll fill the bags with as much as we can to make it more fun.

  • ALL THREE DAY FULL SHIFTS  Any one who works full shifts all three days in the swap as security will eligible for $100 plus the backpack and the bracelet and free tickets.  The full shift slots are limited to 10 so sign up now to secure your spot.


All Volunteers will receive SkiFever T-Shirt.

Come and have fun at SkiFever.